Businesses Helped

Retail Store- Purchase Evaluation

This case concerned evaluating an existing business for purchase. The business had operated successfully for over a year but the buyer wanted assistance evaluating the opportunity in terms of improvement and growth. 

We performed financial and market analyses to assist the purchaser by designing a program to improve operations and profitability.

Service Company- Rebranding

This seven year old B2B service company struggled to grow. An assessment revealed a need for a full Strategic Plan. Staff issues and a lack of repeatable processes limited profitability.

Creating a Business Operating System enabled the business to better set and achieve goals. It got everyone on the same page and provided a system of accountability that freed the owners to focus on growth.

Franchise Purchase- New

This purchaser sought to open a new service franchise and required a full business opportunity assessment.

The solution for this new business owner was assisting with development of a complete business plan. From market research and financial planning to operations and staffing, all areas of this business opportunity were evaluated, even the franchisor.

Franchise Purchase- Existing

This prospective business owner sought to buy an existing franchised business location. The buyer required a financial analysis as well as a suitability assessment. 

A financial evaluation revealed that the business was overpriced. The main production equipment was old and in need of replacement. Furthermore, the business owner was a key employee whose loss would negatively impact the ability of the new owner to be successful.

Real Estate Services- Growth

This service business was successful but the owner wanted to grow. As a single operator, he struggled as he juggled performing the work and maintaining the marketing required for growth.

This solution was to implement a plan designed to increase sales to current clients so fewer jobs were required. This freed the owner to market. Next, the owner used a combination of contractors and new employees to complete the extra work resulting from the additional marketing. The result was additional market share, sales and profitability.

Self Storage- Purchase Evaluation

This project involved evaluation of a self storage facility that had low occupancy. The analysis revealed poor management, a lack of marketing and poor unit mix.

The solution was development of a new operations plan which called for a reallocation of units, a streamlined operations plan and a marketing plan. Within 6 months the facility improved from 60% occupancy to 95% occupancy with higher revenues and profitability.

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