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We work exclusively with small and middle market businesses, not the Fortune 5000. We want to inform business owners but more than that, we want to help business owners transform their organizations. More than business school, we have actually started and operated successful small businesses. Whether investing in real property, retail or service related businesses, our team is experienced and skilled in addressing real world issues with real world solutions. We do this three ways:


  • Accelerator Mastermind Groups 

Iron sharpens iron. Accelerator Mastermind Groups, where business owners meet regularly with other business owners to share experiences, successes and failures. The goal is to allow business owners a structured, moderated environment where they can experience comradery with other professionals and where they can learn from one another. Each monthly session is themed, covering a topic sure to be of interest to all business owners. But, the core of the group is the “Issues” period when business owners work through their most challenging issues with the help of other group members. 


  • Accelerator Business Coaching

There are many factors that lead to business growth, but none is more important than growing the business owner. Accelerator Business Coaching is one-on-one mentorships that focuses on delivering relevant educational content and developing key management skills designed to make small business owners more efficient and their organizations more profitable.

  • Accelerator Strategic Planning

Every business needs an operating system. Accelerator Strategic Planning is designed to assist business owners with creating and implementing that system. You must have a plan to ensure you have the right people following the right procedures. It is all about execution and accountability. Our Operating System focuses on helping you implement time tested and proven growth strategies. It addresses People, Time and Money. Do you have the right people doing the right things, profitably?

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If you are afraid to take a week off work for fear of your business falling apart or if you can't seem to get your employees on the same page as you, Accelerate Business Consulting can help. 

We help owners transition away from day to day operations while raising management expectations and improving accountability for all employees. It is possible. Let us show you how!

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